Table of Contents

  • Day 1: Introduction, What to Eat & How This Book Works
  • Day 2: How to Eat
  • Day 3: How to Grocery Shop
  • Day 4: How to Batch Cook
  • Day 5: How to Transition Initially
  • Day 6: How to Not "Fall Off the Wagon"
  • Day 7: How to be Social: Restaurants & Dinner Parties
  • Day 8: How to Navigate the "Naysayers"
  • Day 9: Why We Don't Have to Count Calories
  • Day 10: Why Carbs Don't Make Us Fat & Why We Don't Have to Worry About Protein  
  • Day 11: Why the Standard American Diet is Killing Us
  • Day 12: Why the Unprocessed Plant-Based Diet is Ideal for Humans
  • Day 13: Why We Need to Throw Out the Scale
  • Day 14: Wrapping It Up: How To Take It to the Next Level & FAQ
  • My Favorite Products
  • Sources

The Guide to Thrive: Transition to an Unprocessed Plant-Based Lifestyle in 14 Days

Are you sick of counting calories, eating small portions, and living in a world of restriction?


The Guide to Thrive teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to transition to a lifestyle free from the twisted diet world. Eat as much as you want and as often as you want... AND thrive at your ideal weight! Sound too good to be true? It's not. And it can be all yours in 14 days.

Every day you'll read one chapter and complete one task. By the end of the 14 days, you'll be eating a fully unprocessed plant-based diet that is free from calorie counting and portion control.