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Trina, 50, Completed Slim on Starch June 2019

Dana, 23, Completed Slim on Starch June 2019

Stef, 48, Completed Slim on Starch December 2019

Dani, 35, Completed Slim on Starch December 2019

Sarah, 32, Completed Slim on Starch December 2019

Meet Your New Team

Emmie, Head Nutritionist 

Hey, you! I'm Emmie, the go-to nutritionist for plant-based weight loss. I have helped thousands of men & women lose anywhere from the last few pounds to up to 70 pounds. My approach emphasizes eating in abundance and breaking free of the calorie-counting diet world. With nearly 50,000 followers across her platforms, this new & effective approach is changing the weight loss game forever and I can't wait to teach it to you!

Rachel, Registered Dietician 

Hi!I I’m Rachel. I am Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. I am a former client of Emmie's and have been following a plant based diet for about four years. I work part-time at a children’s hospital helping families manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I am married to Nick. We have twin girls, Ava and Ella and a puppy named Zoey. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio and the girls keep us busy with school events, swim meets and volleyball games. We also enjoy hanging out with friends/family, playing board games and exercising. I am excited to join you on this Whole Foods plant based journey!

Kiki, Master's Level Psychological Clinician & Certified Wellness Coach

Hi! I’m Kiki. I am a Masters Level Psychological Clinician and a Certified Wellness Coach. I have two decades of experience counseling and coaching clients on ways in which to achieve the highest mental wellbeing possible. I can’t wait to teach you how to nourish the body with a healthy mindset and how to work with your unique personality in order to achieve optimal health. By understanding and honoring your mind-body connection, you can learn how to think yourself into positive actions!


  • Weekly Live Q+A Calls with Emmie

    • Stop googling for hours trying to find answers
    • Get direct answers from Emmie, who now knows you personally during the live q+a 
  • Weekly Nutrition Check in

    • Stop wondering, “What if this doesn't work for me?”
    • Get personalized feedback on all of your meals
  • Weekly Mindset Check in

    • Get yourself out of the rut with the help of a master's level therapist
    • Goal-setting based on your current needs & struggles
  • 8 Week, Step-by-Step Online Course

    • Stop playing the guessing game
    • Follow an step-by-step plan laid out for you
  • 40+ Easy-to-Follow Recipes

    • Stop scrolling on pinterest and instagram for hours looking for meal inspiration
    • Stop eating something different from everyone else
    • Actually enjoy your food
    • Kid & husband friendly
  • Private Community Support

    • Connect with others who understand you and are also on the program



Before finding Emmie's program, I was struggling to lose the baby weight and feeling like a failure. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror, physically and emotionally.



Then I found Emmie's program, and learn how to use food as fuel and not a bandaid… and I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight! I am finally happy and balanced. I don't worry about what I eat or when I eat. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I’m full. 


If I didn't join Emmie's program, I would be in the same vicious cycle of eating the wrong foods and self-loathing and setting a horrible example for my daughter... Without exaggerating, Emmie has saved me.




Before finding Emmie's program, I was struggling a lot with my relationship with food. I used to see food as the cause of everything that I thought was wrong with me. I couldn't stop thinking about food, what I was "allowed" or "not allowed" to eat, how much I "could" eat of this and how little I "could" only eat of that. I was struggling really hard with binging and restricting. I could not find a way out of this cycle. I felt so anxious and exhausted all the time! I remember feeling like I couldn't focus on anything except for food. I would hate myself if I couldn't follow the strict rules I'd set for myself and I'd see myself as a failure. I remember feeling as if my days didn't count if I didn't perfectly follow all the restrictions I felt I had and needed to follow. 



Then I found Emmie's program, and I re-learned how to eat normally, and all my anxiety around food started rapidly coming off. I never felt the need to binge or restrict and I didn't have any cravings for food that I used to binge on before. Also, without any effort, I lost 8 lbs, which was a bonus. On top of all that, I NEVER felt like a failure and I started looking at myself from a different perspective. I can truly say that it was during Emmie's program that I started, for the first time in a really long time, to love myself again. I feel so much healthier overall, not only physically, but mentally. I now see food as the fuel food is. I don't set any crazy rules for myself and I'm not tempted to follow any crash diets.


I can’t imagine my life if I didn’t join Emmie’s program.  I'd still be struggling with everything the diet world led me believe in before. I probably wouldn't have built the relationships I've built with people that I love so much because before, my primary relationship was my relationship with food, which was sickly taking all my time and energy and unconsciously making me so not full of life that I wouldn’t even be willing to socialize with others. 


Joining Emmie's program was the best decision I ever made for myself.




Before Slim on Starch, I was spending hours in the kitchen everyday making complicated plant based recipes.  I would get tired of doing that every couple of weeks so I would go back to eating unhealthy “easy” food for awhile.  It was an endless cycle. I would lose a few pounds and then gain it back (sometimes more). My skin was broken out, my digestive system was a mess, and I hated the way I looked in pictures.


I felt insecure, depressed, and anxious.  I was in a mental struggle all the time. I wanted to become healthier, but I couldn’t seem to make the healthy changes stick.  When I would “fall off the wagon”, I would just throw my hands up and binge on unhealthy food. This just made me feel worse.  




Then I joined Slim on Starch. Before I knew it, my clothes started feeling loose, my face looked thinner, and my skin cleared up SO MUCH. I’ve never been so confident in myself and how I’m eating before in my life.  The best part is not counting ANY calories and/or macros. I feel amazing! I’m not perfect 100% of the time, but in Emmie’s program, she doesn’t make you be perfect. I haven’t gotten on the scale in a couple months because I’ve chosen to focus on how I actually feel instead of a number, but I know I’ve lost more weight.

If it weren’t for Emmie’s program, then I would still be in the same vicious cycle of dieting/binging.  I am so happy I did the Slim on Starch program.





I've lost over 25 pounds. My confidence has increased so much. I'm able to go out in public in cute clothes. And I've had a MAJOR energy increase!


Slim on Starch Client

I've lost over 40 pounds. I owe everything to Emmie for showing me how this lifestyle can change your life.


Slim on Starch Client

I've lost over 20 pounds. I never have to feel hungry or deprived. I fill up my plate... as much as I want! There's no way I could've done this on my own without Emmie.


Slim on Starch Client