Want to join my Slim on Starch Program?

The last weight loss program you will ever need to join.

  • Lose & maintain weight loss

  • Re-learn your body's hunger & fullness cues

  • Break free from yo-yo dieting cycle

    • Free yourself from thinking about food all the time

    • Stop overeating & binge eating

    • Stop calorie counting

    What's Included In The Program?

    Eight weeks to a new you.

    • Private contact & support from Emmie & her team

    • Personalized weekly check ins from your nutrition coach 

    • Personalized weekly check ins from your mindset coach 

    • Weekly live Q+A call with Emmie

      • Plate Builders personalized for your nutritional needs

      • 40+ Recipes


      • Facebook community support

      • Weekly Lectures focused on a range of topics, from re-learning hunger & fullness cues to what to do in social situations